Case study
Bell Group
We found out what makes painters paint.
The brief

Finding painters isn't hard, but Bell Group are looking to hire the best of the best and they are hard to come by. We're looking for the ones that really love to paint.

We partnered with Bell Group to help them attract the best skilled painters out there today. If you thought finding one painter for your living room was hard, they wanted us to help them hire 300 painters in a month. So we put our overalls on and got to work.

The stories we dug up

To get started we went and hung out with some of Bell Group’s painters for the day to get to know them. We checked out their tool kits, inspected their cutting in and bantered about their nicknames over a few cups of tea and a bacon sarnie. The two big questions we had were: “what does it feel like to be a painter?” and “why do you get out of bed every day to do this job?”.


After some digging we found some human truths that gave us a deeper understanding of who they are as people. The one thing that really stood out was their passion for painting and how much they cared about doing a great job.

They cared about cutting in and how neat and crisp the lines were. They were so protective about their brushes and if someone borrowed one, game over. We discovered that a good painter is as proud painter. “I painted that!” – something a good quality painter would say.

The big idea

As most painters would agree, they are a unique breed. They like things neat, tidy and have pride in what they do. We needed to campaign idea that played into their personalities to have any chance of grabbing their attention.

We worked with Bell Group to create a fictional character called John Miller – the world’s most fanatic painter. No one loves painting as much as John. He loves it so much he ‘sleep paints’, has a 30 brush holder and keeps a shrine of all the important brushes from his career in his shed. Yeah, he’s unique.

The big idea was a mockumentary style film about John and a day in his life as a painter. We meet John at the end of another glorious day ‘on the brush’. He’s heading home to cover up another ‘sleep painting’ incident. Check out the full video below.

What we did

We created a 6 minute hero film which was then edited into shorter conversion orientated ads and ran across Facebook and Instagram.

We film a number of different skits showing John through his day. We purposefully shot scenes that we knew would stir up conversations between painters and sharing of the videos. The media budget for the campaign was modest, so making the content raw and relatable helped encourage viewers to tag, share and comment on the content making our reach grow exponentially.

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The people that made it happen

Writer & Director
Cara Cummings

Director of Photography
Przemek Czaicki