Today, hustle symbolises ambitious go-getters on a mission to make something happen. They’re the ones reimagining our future with their innovations and fabulous creations. To some of them, fame means the world knows their name. To others, it means building a community that shares their passion. But there’s only a few that make it. And that needs to change.

We’re Flamingo Punk, a branding and digital agency helping the next generation of brands turn their hustle into fame.

This is how we do it

Brand Consulting & Workshops

We work one-on-one with founders and leaders to crack through brand and business challenges. We hash out new ideas and market opportunities, and rally teams to remind everyone what they’re hustling for.

Brand Strategy

We find your point of difference and strategically position your brand to root you in the lives of your target audience.

Research & Discovery

We get inside the hearts and minds of your target audience and study market trends to keep you alive and relevant.

Voice & Story

We find your authentic human voice and attach it to your brand story to make you culturally relevant and loveable.

Visual Identity

We design iconic logos and visual identities that make you stand out in a crowd.

Web & Digital

We design and build beautiful digital experiences that make your customers want to stay and play.

Campaign Development

We conceptualize and plan campaigns that inspire emotion and trigger action.

Content Creation

We plan strategies and write inspiring content that make people want to get to know you better.

Branded Experiences

We design and build experiences from immersive events to VR worlds that put your audience in the story.

Our work

Changing the way we move around cities
Discover the worlds most interesting brands
Empowering women to take control of their sexual health

Amazing things start with a chat so pop in for a brew or give us a coo.

Amanda on or 07719 011 081.