Case study
District 34
We woke London up from a bad dream about renting forever.
The brief

Thousands of people are stuck in the rent trap, unable to buy their own home in London. District 34 is changing that by building beautiful and affordable starter homes just outside London.

We partnered with District 34 to help them build up a community of people interested in buying a home from them. With no homes built or ready to buy yet, and people feeling like it’s ‘impossible’ to buy a house anywhere around London, our job was to wake people up to the possibility of owning a home.

The stories we dug up

It’s no secret that renting feels like the norm for most Londoners. The kicker? We found that many people in the capital don’t think they’ll ever be able to get on the property ladder. We teamed up with District 34 to change that perception.

The big idea

Renting feels like a normal thing for people to do in London, so we needed to snap them
out of this way of thinking with a bold message and a vibrant look and feel. We came up with a simple idea to dramatised how ridiculous renting is and how doable buying a home is with District 34.

We came up with a bunch of bizarre and playful situations with people doing things that aren’t normal, like eating cereal out of a shoe and frying eggs on a hot iron. The more bizarre, the better.

Our goal was to get people talking about the realities of renting in London and buying a home. We did a bit more than that.  Renting is a sore subject for so many people and this campaign triggered lots of conversations, debates and brought people together offline at District 34’s ‘Fast track to home ownership’ events.

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What we did

We created a series snappy videos to run across Facebook and Instagram with a call-to-action to sign up and join the #EscapeRent community.

Week social campaign
Leads generated
Cost Per Acquisition
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The people that made it happen

Creative Director
Miha Musat

Director of Photography
Przemek Czaicki