Case study
Koru Kids
We made becoming a nanny a top choice for a student job.
The Brief

Hands up who wants to be a nanny?

When students think about getting a part-time job, they don’t think about being a nanny, and that was a problem for Koru Kids.

We partnered up with Koru Kids to help them create a brand that appealed both visually and emotionally to students. Our goal was to make becoming a nanny a top choice for a student job.

The stories we dug up

All the nannies we interviewed have big ambitions in life, and they all look forward to looking after the kids because it takes their mind off all the worries and anxieties surrounding their day-to-day student life. When asked what things they did with the kids there was a clear common theme: playing and getting creative.

This insight inspired us to create a campaign that brought to life all the weird and wonderful things nannies do with kids to show that it’s actually a pretty awesome job.

Students applied to become a nanny
Of students in London applied
The idea

Nothing lights up the mind like play.

We brought some of the playful things nannies do with kids to life and  made them sound like proper job roles by adding Director, Head or Chief to the title. We casted over 20 Koru Kids nannies who’d never modelled before to take part in the campaign.

With only one day to shoot and three storylines to bring to life across print and video, we had to move fast.

We had a blast! Every single nanny brought a huge burst of energy to each story and weren’t afraid to get their hands dirty – this gave the campaign an authentic personality that nobody can ever replicate.

What we did

Part of our goal was to create a thumb-stopping look and feel, so we evolved their brand guidelines by adding a set of vibrant secondary colours. These amplified the way content showed up on student campuses and in social newsfeeds. To make it worth sharing, we brought three nanny stories to life using GIFs and videos.

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“Flamingo Punk work incredibly fast and they understand the chaos that sometimes goes on behind the scenes of a scale-up brand. They really listened to us and understood our customer insights and as a result, the creative completely exceeded our expectations…. The feedback from customers has been extremely positive. I’m so proud every time I see one of our Instagram Ads.”

Rebecca Hamilton

Head of Marketing