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We helped founders make better decisions with raising and spending company money.
The brief

Starting a business is tough. But scaling it is a completely different ballgame. Money has a huge role to play and Soldo is making it easier for companies to manage and control it.

We teamed up with Soldo after they raised their Series B to help them win the hearts and minds of founders in scaleup companies all over in Europe. Our job was to create a campaign to drive founders of funded scaleups to sign up for Soldo.

The stories we dug up

Raising money is a commitment to spending money, but what do you spend on to grow a company? No one talks about that.

We found out that a lot of scaleups struggle to make spending decisions because they’re worried about running out of cash. Most founders we spoke to felt like they didn’t have enough financial insights in their company, and this was paralyzing their decisions to spend. This is a big problem because companies can’t grow if they don’t spend.

We also heard that raising the next round of investment is always front of mind for founders and it takes up so much time. Staying on top over everything: team, money and sales is stressful. Every day is live or die.

This was the insight we needed to give Soldo a real and relatable story to tell.

The idea

Founders don’t talk much about raising and spending company money. And there isn’t a safe space for them to do this without judgment from investors. But what if founders opened up and shared their experiences more? Would this mean more companies succeeding? We thought so!

This was a mission to help founders learn from each other when it comes to raising and spending company dough. Why? Because being open and sharing knowledge is the fastest way to grow a company.

‘Got Dough? Get Soldo’  was the tagline we used to build up awareness of Soldo. We chose to use pizza as the creative vehicle for this campaign to visually connect with the action’s companies need to make with their dough (see what we did there?) to grow, like slice it, stretch it and control it. It made perfect sense, and everyone loves pizza too.

For the heart of the campaign, we created and launched Dough Stories, a video interview series where two founders come together and share a pizza. Under each slice of pizza is a question about raising and spending company dough.

To expand on some of the stories we surfaced in the video series, we hosted a series of intimate dinners all over the UK bringing founders and investors together to lean in and share experiences around money and challenges with raising and spending it.

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What we did

We created and launched a digital awareness campaign, video content series with intimate dinners to get companies to sign up for Soldo. This campaign is still running throughout 2020.

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The people that made it happen

Creative Director
Miha Musat

William Dennis