The Story Behind our Brand Revamp

You’re all busy people so we’ll keep this short.

For 20 months, we’ve been in the thick of building and growing Flamingo Punk. We’ve lost our way a few times, chased the wrong type of clients, made mistakes, learnt fast and adapted to improve the way we work. That’s what building a business is all about. Scary, YES. Fun, HELL YEAH.

This time last year, we realised we lost sight of the bigger picture and felt disconnect with the stories and beliefs that once resonated with us and our customers. So we created a framework to help us reconnected with the stories that got us here, to this point.

By stories, we mean:

  1. The stories that show we’re listening to our customers feelings, hopes and fears
  2. The stories that give us a conscious reason to be here and do what we do
  3. The stories that inspired us to fight for something better
  4. The stories that explicitly define what we do and how we do it better
  5. The stories that give people a glimpse of hope for a better tomorrow because we’re here now

Why did we do this? Because these stories give people a reason to rally around us. They show people who we really are, what we truly believe and value. And when we nail them, the right people with feel closer and more connected to the companies we bust our butts for, more than ever before.

The result internally is a strong team fully focused and on the same page – heading in the same direction.

The result externally is a new shiny website to showcase who we are, what we stand for and some of the work we’ve created with amazing people.

We’re not going to lie, times are tough right now (we feel it), but our stories are keeping us connected with our team and our clients.  

We’re going to start running intimate, hands-on workshops (online, of course) using the framework we created, called 5 Stories. If you’re interested in joining one, pop your details into the events section here.